Building Blocks

The pictures you will see peppered throughout were taken yesterday, Wed May 11, 2022, when Jer and I went walking to a picnic place that was closed but then we lunched at the Warehouse so all was not lost!

My girlfriend and I were supposed to go barhopping tomorrow, but it’s not happening. She has a test to study for, and I feel as garbage does in the compressor truck on a sweltering day during the agonizingly slow drive to the landfill. Not a fun ride!

Somewhere along King St. West perhaps.

🎶 Jenga. Jenga. J-J-J-Jenga. You take a block from the bottom and you put it on top. You take a block from the middle and you put it on top. How you build a tower, man, you just don’t stop. Keep on going putting blocks on top. And when it tumbles down, blame someone. Usually the last person that made it fall down. Even though all the other people before contributed to the weakening of the tower. It is easier to blame the most … 🎶

Whoa, Sam! How did the Jenga jingle turn into … whatever that is?

And BTW – I still don’t understand how people who’ve experienced racism and hate can turn around and be that way to others. I will never get it! And I don’t want to – but I don’t think it’s contagious and if it is, I hope I’m already immune.

I like to think about what I may not know. Reading new stuff and old and talking to others helps me question, rethink, reframe and widen my reality. Having those conversations feels great because I am often not even aware of the assumptions I make until I speak to others who listen and feel comfortable enough to point out my faulty logic.

Thank you People!  


“Sam! How did you get here from there? Let’s talk about it!” (I walked! But we can talk about it if you like)

The closed picnic area

Recently, I find myself in a familiar place I hate to be in, but here I am. I’d rather eat skinny pig poo than go to the gym. Even thinking about my sauna reward isn’t motivating. Even music isn’t helping. UGH!!! I’d rather send my trainer a message letting him know I died.

Hi. I can’t make it for 7:30 pm or ever cause I’m dead. BTW, if you ever happen to see me anywhere, it’s my ghost cause I got locked out of heaven for lying.

Fine! I’ll see you at 7:30 pm!

Today the sexy fuckin’ Boxer spoke to me. He’s so yummy! So, so very yummy! I believe I spoke to him in a calm, disinterested, I-have-no-desire-to-touch-your-body fashion.

When I was close to the end of my workout, my trainer said, “I don’t recognize this Samantha.”

“Same. The go-getter is gone.”

“She’s coming back next week!” He says, all serious like.

“Yes! Next week.” I say, nodding and laughing. 

The Warehouse

You know how Dre doesn’t understand why I say such violent shit … The other day we walked to the store, and for everything he said, I said something horrible back then laughed till my face and belly hurt. While he kept walking and glancing back at me like, “I just don’t understand you.” which made me laugh even more.

At one point he wanted to zip up his jacket. “Mom, can you hold these bags for a sec.”

“Can I rip your throat out of your neck?” (and that still cracks me up)

I said so much shit I can’t even remember.

Then last night Matt was telling me about a dream he had, “A mean bunny was biting my finger.”

After getting more details, turns out the bunny is in a cage and he kept putting his finger in the cage, so I told him …

“The bunny’s not mean. You’re stupid. Obviously, the bunny don’t want your finger in its cage so why you keep doing it.” 

My children know I love them, thank goodness. Often I will hear, “That’s not something you should say to your child.” AND OMG, if I wasn’t laughing already, I’ll start.

This I took after work when I was walking along Church St. to The Village

Dre gave me a plan for structuring my ideas for fantastic fantasy animals to create. Now, rather than just randomly waking up with creatures in my head, I have animal groups, etc., that I can pick from – cool right! I will also extend this to topics for writing.

A tiny part of me feels like my work will suck now because my ideas are being manufactured instead of being organic … if that makes sense. I don’t know how else to describe it. However, I think I feel this way because the approach is different from what I am used to. So … although I think it is a great idea, it feels wrong. BUT I am not going to let a feeling stop me because, as you know, feelings are fleeting. So fleet feeling!

BUT … I just remembered the Discover Prompts I participated in a few years back … so obviously, I can think up stuff on demand. Yay!

Yesterday I went to a bookstore in The Village. I will go back there cause they also have a cafe/diner inside. Also, yesterday, I can’t remember what we were talking about, Matt learned me that kink-shaming is a thing.

Someone just moved into the building and their cat ran away! (in protest maybe?). “Bitch! I done told you I didn’t want to move. What about my friends!?!?!?!? You inconsiderate human excrement!”

Thu May 12, 2022

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