Electric Relaxation – ATCQ

I told Dee what I was thinking of doing, putting music to some of my poems, and she mentioned GarageBand. And I thought to myself, Okay. Cool. I figured it was a play thing, but I checked it out, and it’s a serious thing, which is more excellent.

Currently, I am confident that I can act as a business analyst as required to help the team. Why! Cause me have all the underlying competencies listed in the BABOK v3 – I borrowed the book from Jer. Well … all except business knowledge which includes industry and product knowledge. BUT … As you know, I am not worried cause I can learn shit! 🎶 Do Wah Diddy. Diddy Dum. Diddy Doo. 🎶

I think I need to have sex to get sex off my mind. I’m not gonna tell you how long it’s been cause you’ll probably think something is wrong with me. BUT there’s nothing wrong, it’s just that I have no one to have sex with AND for the record, sex work is work, NOT sex, so it doesn’t count. Anyway, it is better to have sex on my mind than money problems or existential problems or time travel/teleportation problems. 

Do you think sex workers want to have sex when they get home? Kinda like chefs – cooking all day, you probably don’t want to come home and cook for the fam. I’m making all kinds of assumptions because, unfortunately, I don’t know any chefs or sex workers. Just sharing my thoughts. (if I did before, sorry.) Orhaps even maybe garbage people …

Really! You expect me to take out the garbage!? I been taking out garbage all day!

Said all the Garbage People ever

Although, I guess one issue that is also consuming me and a bit stressful is this damn staff … I still can’t get it to do any other magical thing. I want a spell for subatomic disintegration of the Boys or some other kind of disappearing. Sure I’ll miss them, but the show must go on! Actually … I am not sure I will miss them but I know that that’s what I should say!

I went walking and saw a wild rabbit and a dead bird. Dre saved one lonely worm who was trying to get off the sidewalk – he put him in the shade under a tree.

Remember I told you yesterday I was gonna eat something after our chat? I wanted okra, but I couldn’t cook, guess why? Ordered pizza instead. And guess what else? Matt’s clothes are still on the bathroom floor, and I still haven’t said anything – and I am proud of myself! Let’s see how many days it’s gonna stay there.

I hope you can read the text!

I like making women into animals or animalish. Not sure why but it appeals to me. I hope that’s not some kind of -ism. You should know me better than that by now!

I read about the four artists Hitler considered degenerates on DailyArtMagazine – There was way more, but these were his least favourite. Otto Dix, Max Beckmann, Max Ernst and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Kirchner’s story was the saddest – he committed suicide.

Looks like I am going to get to bed on time tonight!

Tue May 10, 2022

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