Hopscotch and Handball

Can you name all the days of the week without using their proper names?

  • Today (Saturday)
  • Yesterday (Friday)
  • Tomorrow (Sunday)
  • Day after tomorrow (Monday)
  • Day before yesterday (Thursday)

That’s all I know. Tuesday and Wednesday don’t matter.

I have lots of pictures for you today! Look what I found, not that you knew I lost it πŸ™‚

We’ve Only Just Begun was in a horror movie … can’t remember which one

Dre and I played hopscotch (he doesn’t see the point of it) and handball. My hand was stinging, but it was fun. Still don’t have enough people to play tag with though. I might want to become a professional tagger. And I will play with unsuspecting people, which may or may not be fun. “Tag! You’re it!”

Did I ever tell you about the time … I might have been in grade eight. My friends and I would throw snowballs at vehicles as we walked to and from school – into the side windows, never the front. I’m not saying that’s any better, but I wasn’t an adult. Anyway, one day, this guy was driving a brown cube van and we all hit it – four snowballs in quick succession.

Dude slowed down. We’re standing there watching the van and looking at each other like, “Is he gonna stop!?” Then he pulled over, got out of his van and started chasing us. We ran for our lives that day. Andrea’s house was the closest. We couldn’t believe it. What kind of person gets out of their van to chase four girls because of snowballs?

I sat and waited for like an hour; nobuddy came. The bench is broken.

 Do you remember me telling you about my enneagram number? I think when I first did it, I thought I was a five, but this other test is more precise – so I am a seven. Do you ever wish you were a certain age in a particular era? I wish I was in my twenties in the ’20s and the ’70s.

🎢 Sittin’ here eatin’ my heart out waitin’. Waitin’ for a lover to call. Dialled ’bout a thousand numbers lately. Almost rang the phone off the wall.

Lookin’ for some hot stuff, baby, this evenin’. I need some hot stuff, baby, tonight. I want some hot stuff, baby, this evenin’. Gotta have some hot stuff. Gotta have some love tonight.

Lookin’ for a lover who needs another. Don’t want another night on my own. Wanna share my love with a warm-blooded lover. Wanna bring a wild man back home. Lookin’ for some … 🎢

Hot Stuff – Donna Summer

I spoke to my sister last night – she called me out of the blue, BUT the day before, I was thinking about her. Sometimes I wish we’d talk more but I don’t always feel like talking and I’d like to just hang out with her, not her and a tonne a people I don’t know – unless we’re going clubbin’ cause then I don’t have to talk to anyone, just dance and enjoy the music.

How could anyone abandon this cute little thing? I wanted to bring it home but Dre said “No more pets!”

Oh and one last picture πŸ™‚

And now I have more space on my table – I added sparkles before the glossy stuff dried. AND because the box kinda sticks to surfaces, I put that cloth under, that I got from Sabs, many Christmases ago, because I don’t want the table design to imprint on the box – it may not happen but to be safe.

Sat Apr 30, 2022

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