What do you know, it's Goldifro
If your sister wants porridge
we just sold the last bowl

Hey Big Baby Bear 
My sister didn't send me
She's still in juvie
on several counts of burglary

Sorry to hear I guess
On second thought …
That's probably for the best

I'm here, you see, because 
when she comes home
it's almost time for university 
Goldi will be studying industrial design
And me, psychology of the abnormal kind
I'm looking for furniture and 
based on Goldi's test
your stuff's the greatest

Oh! For that, definitely
you've come to the right place
Welcome to Artistic Bears
Walk with me to our manufactory
And what are you looking for, exactly

Our place must be fly - Goldi and I
Give me two of everything 
on a student's shoestring
Wall shelves
Chairs and 
Mirrors too (here's looking at you)

I'll put that order together quickly
and throw in a new porridge recipe
Before going off to university
both of you, please stop by, say hi

Thanks Big Baby Bear
Until next time and
say hello to your parents for me


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