There’s No Place Like Home

Packing is not my forte, and since my vacation is coming to an ending, I’ve started putting most of my stuff away. Tomorrow I am going for dinner with my sister-in-law.

Friday night, I’m on a bus ride to Atlantic City. Just for the hell of it. It’s a thing my family does. Dad doesn’t usually go, but my uncle invited me, and Dee is going too. And it’s too late for me to change my mind, so I gotta work up the courage and repeatedly tell myself I’ll be fine.

Then Saturday, I should be back home in my room, in my bed, hopefully before midnight. Hooray!

I have poems I cannot find the words to finish, but I keep writing and publishing new ones. smh. It’s my process, and it’s ok. Relax.

I know I said I would tell you more about MoMA but I am feeling tired and lazy. I had to murder someone for littering on the subway yesterday – maybe that’s why I feel blah. It was a good kill, just took a lot outta me, you know!

We talk tomorrow!

Wed Jun 15, 2022

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