Blowtorch Party

Rock music got me out of bed this morning and through the day. So sleepy. So, so sleepy.

Today during townhall, I learned what an ethical will is. And of course, since I already wrote my obit – you know I gotta create my ethical will. We can work on it together. I feel like it should be easy to do cause I’m pretty in tune with me … but I think everything is easy as/like Sunday morning. (Tune and easy Sunday morning – HA!)

🎶 I looked out this morning and the sun was gone. Turned on some music to start my day. I lost myself in a familiar song. I closed my eyes and I slipped away. More than a feeling. When I hear that old song they used to play, and I begin dreaming. Till I see Marianne walk away. I see my Marianne walkin’ away. 🎶

More Than A Feeling – Boston

Waking up to a familiar song in my head happens almost every morning. I have a receiver, it’s always on. (I wonder if that’s why I can’t sleep.) Sometimes I get music, sometimes words to a poem, sometimes the next blood sport, etc.

Then Rebel Yell came on at 6:17 am – I almost lost my mind. Had to stop working, crank that shit up, sing along and dance! I LOVE Spotify’s radio feature. The best surprises and sometimes I think of a song then it plays it 🙂

Isn’t that remarkable! One of Dad’s What’s App display pics

Now I gotta add all of Hafez’s work to my reading list.

Instead of only using the “Sonnet” label for traditional Shakespearian poems, I decided to label all my sonnets as sonnets. Haiku Sonnet = sonnet. Terza Rima Sonnet = sonnet. This means I’ve written four or three already.

They’ve started repainting the building … I was taking the stairs and admiring the cool bluish gray paint, only to see that some jackass already defaced one wall with burn marks from a lighter. WHY!!! Vandals are now on my Wallop List – I don’t understand humans. You can’t find nothing else to do with your stupid self!?!?! UGH! I got a plan for them though – it involves zip-ties, solder, a blowtorch and my Axe Hammer of Truth. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Talk soon – gotta get to The Shack outside La Grange. (Let me know if you wanna go). Who’s gonna drive me home tonight? I’ll worry about that later.

Rock On Young Grasshopper. Rock! On! And! Shine!

Tue Apr 19, 2022

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