Future Fantastic

Are You Happy With Your Future Self!

I’ve been thinking about and visualizing the next me quite a bit lately. Hmmm, I will have to give her a name. She’s fit and fine, rockin’ a sick-ass 70’s Black Panther Angela Davis fro. Yea! Most Wanted!

I’ve also been taking stock of what truly matters, in terms of what would make future me happy. I am the multiple things I want to be but is it alright for me to be kind and loving, say stupid shit and also experience blinding rage and say other outrageous shit and also write/draw about romantic, futuristic, fantasyic, anti-racistic, social commentaryic stuff?

What if I want to write and illustrate children’s books years from now? Am I going to be judged? What if I have to leave my job because it’s no longer challenging? Am I going to have a difficult time finding work? I feel like someone will question me, “Who are you? Really?” 

“I am all those things.”

“You cannot be!”

“But I am.”

Fear of being judged is not going to stop me from being the ENTIRE me.

On another, more immediate note, the left side of my face hurts; around my ear and jaw area. I took a quiz on whatsyourproblem.com, and it says I could have a fractured mandible or a foreign entity living in the cochela of my inner ear. They sending me a thorasic surgeon – she’s on her way!   

Wed Mar 23, 2022

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