May 1 – Journal Entry

Another late night. I had a lot to say yesterday, but I started my entry so late, I was tired as shit. I will start with the stuff I wanted to say yesterday and try to post earlier from now on – I don’t like it when the post date doesn’t match the day of my journal.

When we were younger we’d make fun of mom because she would get really angry if we moved her stuff or didn’t put it back exactly how it was. Turns out, mom had OCD – just one of a few mental illnesses. It bothers me to think about that but we didn’t know.

I discovered the drop cap feature – now I am going to overuse it. I won’t. Maybe. I spoke to the math teacher for about thirty minutes, and another guy, can’t remember his name or what he does, for the same amount of time. 

Here’s my new strategy … If you ask me for my number I will tell you no but give you two options – either we use skype, or you can give me your number and I will call you but block mine. If you’re ok with either then fine, if not, you can go your own way like Fleetwood. 

I was supposed to call both of them back this evening, but I got caught up with work. By the time I started writing, it was after 9:00 pm. I gotta write. I did manage to exchange a few messages with the mathematician. (I like that better than math teacher, sounds way more sophisticated). Anyway …

I made a joke with him. Or tried to at least. Earlier during our texts, he said he ended his last relationship because she didn’t have her life together. Later, I find out that his ex is also a math teacher. I proceeded to ask him if he has his life together WITH a smiley face, maybe a wink. He didn’t laugh – Maybe he would have gotten the joke if he was an English teacher. LOL.

When I finally got around to calling him, yesterday, after the texts exchange, I noticed that if I said I liked something, then he would like it too. Even if he initially said he wasn’t a big fan. He laughed a lot too – it seemed like nervous laughter. I asked him if he was nervous and he said – “no, I talk to people all the time, I’m a teacher.” Ok then, when you Stand and Deliver in class, or speak to parents, do you laugh all the time? I don’t think so.

It’s 2:00 am – oh man. The second guy – he didn’t know what software development was. At first, that bothered me – I reminded myself not to be critical. He’s a blue-collar guy (now I remember!) I think he works in manufacturing, car parts perhaps. 

I thought about sex a lot today – It’s a wonder I got any work done. Why aren’t adult male prostitutes walking the streets? (it’s just a question). I felt a migraine coming on – I took a break from work and napped for 2 hours – that’s how I ended up working late.

I was on someone’s blog and I saw they copyrighted all their posts. Then I was like “OMG!!! Should I be doing that?” Then I found this copyright info  – so now I feel I should go back to all my posts and put a copyright mark on them – It’s only 100, no big deal 😦 Why didn’t I see this when I only had one post.

Love and learn 😉 I need to run. 

I have the book in the feature photograph 642 Things to Write About. I also have Embrace Your Weird by Felicia Day. You should check them out if you want to write but can’t get started – they work just like prompts do.

Feature Photo Credit: @micki via Twenty20

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