Wake Up Right

Alright, PBI, you got me. I am officially waving the flag. Throwing in the towel. Tapping out. Saying Uncle. 

Today I spent a few hours looking at online courses because I truly want to learn this. Although YouTube videos and Google are helpful, they’re slow, especially when I don’t know what I need to search for. I think it’s best to learn PowerBI in a structured way (like Python). Taking a course may even speed up the overall process. Some of the YouTube guys I currently get help from have classes too; I just gotta figure out which one to take. So! That’s what I’ma gonna do because I intend to add PBI to my career repertoire.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and found myself smack in the middle of the octagon, where I immediately received a roundhouse kick to the left side of my face. I don’t know who delivered the blow and I don’t remember hitting the ground.


Let’s hope I wake up on the right side tomorrow.

Also, it doesn’t look like my evenings at the gym will become regular anytime soon – but I sent him my morning and evening availability so we will see. If I can’t get consistent evenings, I will schedule French, (maybe Japanese), Short Story Writing, and Python for the mornings before work starts. I could easily dedicate an hour to each thing and still start work before 9:00 am. Chores and sex work I will do in the evening instead.

I don’t have a designated time for poem writing; I start whenever the words come to me. And arting I do before journaling and also whenever.

On my way to LaFit, dude got on the elevator in his sweats with a Goodlife Fitness gym bag on his shoulder. FROM THE THIRD FLOOR! Am I seeing what I’m seeing!? In my homicidal rage, I couldn’t even get the words out. Fuck it! After a bit of a tussle, I managed to get the shoulder strap around his neck and choked him the fuck out. Satisfying!

It’s freezing out again – Bossman is going to Miami. Lucky!

Mon Mar 28, 2022

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