Grappa Heaven

I’m doing my thing this morning, cursin’ under my breath while troubleshooting PBI, only to receive a welcome distraction in the form of a text message from Jer.

I totally forgot we’d planned to meet up once a week. I got ready and was out the door within twenty minutes; Made it to the office shortly before our Where. To. Go. For. Project. Kickoff. Lunch. decision making. Impeccable timing.

Terroni on Adelaide it is! I had the Ravioli di Zio Paperone – Delectable. Then we were transported into meal-ending Grappa Heaven. The heaven you wanna be in. (I’d never even heard of grappa before today. At least not that I remember.)

We tried to continue shop talk back at the office, but we were all confused and had difficulty speaking. Once the hallucinating and vomiting started we called it a day. I left shortly after Bossman did, only to get locked out.

I completely forgot I’d given my keys to Matt, and since Dre was sleeping … I knocked and called and called and knocked. Ended up hanging out in the stairwell with Procreate. It only took about thirty minutes for the boy to get out of deep sleep and open the door for me. I handled that well – the old me would have gotten all pissy.

Sleep like you’re inebriated but not to the point where you end up in a coma.

Thu Mar 24, 2022

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