Good Morning

I forgot to change my wake-up to 4:00 am but I was up thirty-nine minutes later, no alarm and a song playing in my head:

🎶 Sometimes the rain, groovin’ when I hear the sound. Like you and me baby. Getting down with the sounds around. Oh I love the smell of the morning flower as we pass away the hour. I wanna do it again, do it again, do it again.

Let’s do it in the morning. Sweet breeze in the summertime. Feeling your sweet face, all laid up next to mine. Sweet love in the midnight. Good sleep, come mornin’ light. No worries ’bout nothin’. Just gettin’ good. Just gettin’ good. Just gettin’ good lllllllllloooooooooove 🎶

Let’s Do It Again – The Staples

By 5:22 am, I’d already started my laundry, fed the pets and refreshed their water bowls. I added a line to Bank – I couldn’t resist. Sometimes it feels like I’ve finished a poem, then hours, days later, a line will come to me and I will write it in my book for another time, or I will modify the poem. Depends on how I feel. I used to think it was cheating; I still do, when I change my poem after publishing it. I just don’t let it stop me anymore.

In Excel, my finances always look fantastic – then I get in the way.

I have to go to the gym at 1:30 pm tomorrow, cause that’s the only time dude has. I will spend my lunch there and book a few hours of offline time. I feel stressed. I need consistency to build a schedule. 🎶 I’m a firestarta. Twisted firestarta. 🎶 (It helps with stress). Today I didn’t get home till 10:00 pm – by the time I’m done doing all I gotta do, including talking to you, but not including arting, I won’t get to bed till midnight maybe.

Don’t run after a bus or a man. Another will be along soon enough.

Aunty Acid

Forgot to tell you. I saw the Boxer on Monday. He said “Hi Samantha.” and I believe I said hi. I just remember waving vigorously with a big stupid smile on my face. (and I still don’t know his name). Swooning. Drooling. I compensate with cake.

Karaoke night with the kids – it’s easy now, with how Spotify changed their lyrics feature.

Wed Mar 9, 2022

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