In The Morning

I love the smell of cognac and cigar whisky After Hours. In the morning? Napalm gets me going. You’d better know what movie that’s from or else.

I also love the smell of gasoline, burnt hair and flesh. Essential gasoline oil; I’d put that in my diffuser. Burnt hair and flesh would make a great bath bomb, body lotion, even soap; I wonder if they sell that at Lush? I’ll check tomorrow and let you know.

Ok! All shit talking aside. Today was a good day – Although there are still lots that I don’t know, I didn’t forget as much as I thought I did with PowerBI, so I’m feeling pretty confident right now that I can meet my deadline. The only issue is with the source data, but I think there is a rhythm to the whole thing – provided I built the model right the first time. People can replace the source files (xlsx, csv and whatever else), and I just hit the refresh button or automate the refresh 🙂 …

AND when I get better, I will be able to connect via JSON, OData, and whatever other kind of connectors they have out there. EXTRACT. TRANSFORM. LOAD. So far, transforming the data and building the model is the most fun. Extracting the data is the hardest part, depending on the source – at least, based on what I’ve done till now.

Did I ever tell you I love working with data? Well! I’m telling you again!

I don’t know how to swim but I feel I could swim in a data lake and not drown.

Thu Feb 10, 2022

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