Journal Entry – Tue Dec 08

I am having another life crisis. I feel unsure of myself and sad! I’m paranoid, wondering what everyone else sees/thinks about me. I felt that if I tell myself it’s all in my head, it wouldn’t feel as awful and severe, but it’s not helping! I’m second-guessing everything!!!

Well, good news – I did draw today. I feel like a child. Whenever I finish anything new, I run to show the kids 🙂 – Tomorrow is roses.

Say Cheese!

This one was difficult because I didn’t know where to start – Then Sabs told me to place the shapes first, then fill in the details.

We all forgot to take out the garbage! I remembered when I heard the truck passing by this morning. Dee remembered when she went to throw something in the bin after dinner!

I got my mattress pad today – let’s see how I sleep tonight!

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