Hit Refresh

Out of all the kids’ pets over the years, I love interacting with the rats most of all. They’re so interesting and they make me laugh.

I think I’m becoming a disgruntled employee. Which sucks; that’s neither me nor who I want to be. Usually, when I feel that feeling coming on, I know it’s time to move on, but I love my boss and all the people I work with, and I don’t want to do what I’ve always done. I recognize that I am an acquired taste AND I’m pretty sure everyone at work has acquired a taste for me … or they’re really very good at pretending.

Ssssssooooooo …

Since I pride myself on being adaptable and flexible, now is my opportunity to prove I can bring those characteristics to any circumstance. I will stop thinking about all the project management shit that’s not going according to how I’d like to see it and work with the team as needed instead.


Easier said than done? We’ll see. I gotta walk my talk otherwise I’m a hypocrite.

My ego is bawling. At the same time, the more I reflect I realize that I bitch about people being set in their ways; but in a way, am I also set in mine if I only can see things being done my way! (technically it’s not MY WAY it’s PMIs way but we will leave that alone). Part of me feels like a failure – who cares if I did a buncha shit if no one is following/using it – I’m not gonna dwell. I am here/hear to help on your terms, not mine, otherwise, am I helping?

Hmmm … too bad I can’t whip out my collapsible two-by-four and beat the shit outta people at work. “Submit muthafucka!!!” Beating people up always makes me feel better. Best therapy ever! I’ll imagine it.

🎶 Old pirates, yes, they rob I. Sold I to the merchant ships, minutes after they took I, from the bottomless pit. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds. We forward in this generation. Triumphantly! 🎶

Redemption Song – Bob Marley

I need to get out of my head! I go watch horror movie.

Good night!

Mon Mar 7, 2022

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