Journal Entry – Sun Nov 1

When I play Scrabble, I become aware of my tunnel vision. I zoom out, surveying the entire board, glancing at my letters until I pick what I believe to be the best spot. Maybe it’s the right location because I will get the most points or because I need to block what I suspect my opponent’s next play may be.

As soon as I focus on my place, all the other potential areas to play fall away. All I see is that spot. All I care about is that spot. I complete my play and survey the entire board again. Then I see another area that might have been better, and I wonder, “why didn’t I pick that space? Damn it!”

Opportunity cost. Now I gotta live with my play. For better or worse!

Don’t you hate when family calls you out of the blue, and they try to remind you of who they are, but you have no idea?

“Hi, Samantha?”


“It’s SoAndSo. Your great grandmother’s uncle’s sister’s cousin. Remember Me?”

“Oh, hi.” (I have no idea who I’m talking to.)

Do you know how to play Chinese Checkers? My dad taught me when I was young. The objective is to place all your marbles in the opposite triangular space before your opponent. I taught Dee how to play. I will buy the game and teach the boys + it’s perfect for game days because multiple people can play.

We’re having butter chicken pizza for dinner 🙂 Leftover butter chicken from Fast Food Friday – sauce as the base and cut the chicken into smaller pieces add white onions and a four-cheese blend. Fusion! 🙂

I’m really, really hot! Like deep-fried butter.

I love the dancing in this video

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