Archibald is Sick

Yesterday before going to bed, we noticed Archie was acting unlike his usual spunky self, and his stool didn’t look right. This morning Drè saw blood under his tail; I quickly made an emergency appointment for 12:15 pm with Links Road Clinic. We had to wait outside with bunny in a box. I wasn’t expecting a lineup at the animal hospital.

Once intake was complete, we waited in the car for over an hour while they assessed him. Then I had a chat with the doctor and got a glimpse at an itemized statement that made me weak in the knees. “You alright? I’m sorry we have to stand outside.”

“It’s not the weather. This bill is giving me chills.” He chuckles like I’m joking. Then I continue, “Alright. I knew the visit alone would cost 300$ because it’s an emergency, but what’s all this other 1200$ shit.” 

He explained that Archie is bleeding from his rectum (thanks. I already knew that.) They suspect it’s a parasite but can’t be sure. It could also be a bacterial infection. Since he’s not eating/drinking, they have to force-feed him and give intravenous fluids, AND they have to test blood and stool before they can know what they are dealing with, and they are giving him pain meds to make him comfortable.

“Can I see him?” 

“No. We don’t let anyone in the back.” WTF! Are you experimenting on my rabbit?

Poor bunny. He’s in a strange place with strangers. I signed some papers. Paid my 750$, and left.

Archie was supposed to come home today, but the doctor called me at 5:53 pm to let me know they’ve decided to keep him overnight. Tomorrow morning they will call me with an update. Dee had two rabbits when she was young, and Drè, always into reptiles, had red ear sliders. I guess I was lucky they never got sick. 

I miss Archie. I didn’t take Zoe out of her cage today because I don’t know how Archie got whatever he has – And I can’t afford to drop another 1500$ this month. So far, she looks fine, eating and drinking normally. When I approach her cage, she’s on her hind legs for treats!

Whenever I vent to my daughter about certain things, her first question is, “How old is this person?” Dee thinks you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Although I don’t want to believe that’s true, she might be right.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to have a “talk” with Drè – We are in the second month of the new year and it looks like this year isn’t going to be any different from previous years. Something’s gotta change.

I would give it all up to volunteer at a temple and hang out with monks in Chiang Mai.

Thu Feb 3, 2022

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