When I Come Around

The friggin’ snowstorm was kind of a bust – it showed up way later than it was supposed to.

I might be dying. My head hurts, I have die-o-re-ah, a bit of vomiting. I don’t understand what’s going on. “Something’s wrong with me.” – That’s from Slither. One thing goes away and another comes. I asked Dee and Sabs if they had any side effects from the booster and they said no and proceeded to laugh at me. Family! 🙂

Death by die-o-re-ah-rama. UGH! If you can piss your life away, can you also shit your life away? I hope not. 😦 Crapola!!!

I cancelled my gym days for the rest of the week – just in case. I feel awful cause I didn’t meet with my alternate trainer at all this week – he probably thinks I’m an asshole. I hope he doesn’t think I’m faking. I feel like I’ve been sick on and off for so long that it might be unbelievable to most people. Including me!

🎶 U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi you ugly. Yeah. Yeah. You ugly. 🎶 I remember singing that snippet with/to my cousins in Brooklyn – I think it was a jump rope song or some kind of game song.

I love horses!

Wed Feb 2, 2022

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