Jun 26 – Journal Entry

When you gonna give me some time Corona? … M m m my Corona – lol.

I love this song which makes it alright for me to parodize it

I did not have any alcohol, but I gave in to my sugar cravings (like big time). I had a Vietnamese Coffee milkshake and cheesecake. I felt like shit after. 🤮🤢 I fell asleep and had nightmares cause my belly was full of garbage.

I have been sleeping on my back without a pillow, and I mostly wake up unstiff. I can’t sleep on my side anymore, that position messes up my neck.

Sorry if I told you this already, I had to throw out all of my salty sauerkraut. I was uber sad, for like two seconds because lo and behold, I saw a humungous unopened bottle of whole leaf sauerkraut in the back of my refrigerator. Then I saw heavenly light and heard a choir singing Hallelujah! So … I will finish that before I make a new batch.

I spend some time checking on my certifications – I need eight more PDUs for my PMP before it expires end of August. I renewed my CSM. I want to get another cert in a scaled agile framework – like LeSS or SAFe or DA (Disciplined Agile) – I have to research though, cause I don’t want to get something that is going to be obsolete soon.

Written: Sat Jun 27 at 6 pm

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