Journal Entry – Mon Dec 28

Woke up to Lady (hear me tonight) by Modjo.

I decided not to work today! If anything, I will spend some extra hours during the week to get everything done.

Yesterday I got all hivey just before bed! It was horrible; I was itchy, and my skin felt all bumpy like a toad. Next time I have an allergic reaction, I’ll say I’m toady! 🙂 The Benadryl helped to calm things down.

I learned the other day that tracing pictures when learning to draw is not cheating:

… Tracing is a wonderful way to really understand how so many lines, angles, curves and shapes fit together to form an image. Think of any of the great artists, painters or sculptors of the renaissance – Rafael, Leonardo, Michelangelo – they all traced pictures to help them learn how to draw. I have discussed this age-old art education question with my colleagues at Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks PDI. Each of them unhesitatingly responded that tracing the drawings of master illustrators helped them truly learn how to draw during their high school and art college years.

Mark Kistler in You Can Draw in 30 Days

Some stock images came with Procreate, I will also try tracing those.

I had fun with distorting, tracing and shading! I am going to try drawing this tomorrow – I’m feeling confident 🙂

I discovered the smudge tool today – I will show you the lilies tomorrow maybe.

Who wants to be a ninja? I do! I do! – So … instead of coming back just as a Formula 1 driver, I will return as a Ninja Assassin Formula 1 driver. I’ll throw shurikens from my car into other drivers necks and slice their cars to pieces with my swords. lmao! Can you imagine! Only a first place spot on the podium.

There can only be One! One Race-One Country-One Survivor. (Me!) New name:

  • Blood Formula: A True Death Race! or
  • Bloodsplosion: Drive for Your Life! Seriously! or
  • Wheels of Terror: Carnage on the Track!

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