Journal Entry – Fri Dec 25

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Last night I couldn’t sleep! I think I was excited about opening the remaining gifts, but right after I spoke to you, I went downstairs to confirm and plans changed (WTH! Nobody consulted me.) I probably fell asleep around 3:00 am.

Just before my brain shut down, I realized it was Dec 25 – “Oh shit! I forgot Dad’s birthday!” 

Dad! Happy belated Birthday. I love you very much! (his bday was Dec 20 – I feel I’m getting better though; sometimes I don’t remember till well into the new year and by then I’m like, “what’s the point!”)

Rub a dub dub a male priest and two choir boys in a tub! (enough said)

Rub a dub dub rich, entitled rapey pedophiles and their enablers in a tub!

Secure your girl children. Don’t offer her up! 

All of them! Morally bankrupt!

Rub a dub dub a domestic abuser slash family terrorist in a tub!

Douse him with hydrochloric acid!

Quick! Before he gets out!

Tub Dub (sick fuck)

I will put that in the microfiction soon. I will have to keep two windows open when I sit to write; that’s the only way my shorts are going directly into the other post!

I pretty much cooked all day and finally spoke to my brother for a bit! I will give you the rundown tomorrow.

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