Apr 7 – Journal Entry

Today I decided to ask the Dog Walker if he’s married. I couldn’t hold back anymore because AGAIN today when we video chat, he’s outside walking his dog. Common! Three times in a row – and the one time you can’t walk your dog you also cannot talk to me.

So I ask him if he’s married and he says Well. Technically I am because I’m only separated, not divorced.

Yeah, I know you’re separated. Are you living with anyone?

No. Only my dog and my daughter … when she’s here.

Mm-hmm. I’m somewhat comfortable with his answer but I don’t intend to bring it up again.

Work just got insane, but it’s good that projects are picking up again. I won’t be bored at home. But now my boss is calling meetings at the end of the day and he talks forever, so we usually end up going over by 15-30 minutes. SMH.

On another note, I stopped talking to POF guy #2 – He’s the second guy I had fun talking to but only for like a minute – then he got all aggressive about wanting my number. So I tell him about the POF Safety Tips and he like loses his shit. But it clearly states:

Stay on the Platform – Keep conversations on the Plenty of Fish platform while you’re getting to know someone. Users with bad intentions often try to move the conversation to text, messaging apps, email, or phone right away. https://www.pof.com/safety

I think most men, if they are “good” guys, would understand a woman’s reluctance. But this guy, and this his only his final text … he went off on a tirade. Other guys have asked me for my number but when I say not they don’t freak.

Long ass text from POF douche. Clearly he has issues.

So we kinda talk on and off for the next few day but I’m not feeling him anymore. The conversation isn’t flowing. Then today I get this:

Good riddance you fuck!

Feature Photo Credit: @mydreamstate via Twenty20

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