Journal Entry – Sun Dec 27

Dear Personal Jesus:

Is this thing even on!? 
Your communication skills suck!

Anyway, thank you for getting me through another year. 
Sam v47.0!

For 2021, I'd like real wings when I drink Red Bull!


So I packed up the car with most of our stuff and drove for about 20 minutes before realizing that I didn’t have my house key. One fish died. Plus the water level was too low for the filter to keep working! André took care of Avery (he’s still alive, thank goodness!) We both dealt with the plants, all look fine except two. I had to refill all the plant water bottles and I had some extra time to put stuff away. I’m happy I went home, not only because of the pets and plants, but we will have a lighter load on Wednesday!

I think I am going to work for a bit tomorrow and take Wednesday off, haven’t decided on a full of half day yet!

Although it’s my birthday, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone but I had to pick up for auntie Georgia – it’s been months and months and months since I spoke to her. Now I am starting to tell people how I feel so they don’t think I’m being an ass or avoiding them. Stu, an ex-coworker, recently described me in our WhatsApp group chat as follows:

Sam is like one of the animals at the zoo. You can never find them when you visit cause they only come out once a week for a few minutes.


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