Sam the Yoyo

… Can I get some consistency, please? Please! I’m exhausted!

Finally! I worked up the courage to check my credit score today. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that … along with a heavy sigh of disappointment that weighs more than ten humpback whales. Actually … I do want to talk about it. 

Back in the day, not so long ago, when I was about 45 biological years old, I recall the days when my score was over 700 and I was so very proud and beaming blinding sunshine from my every orifice (I do not like that word). I called dad, the immaculate credit scorekeeper, and bragged. Dee is now also an immaculate scorekeeper. Unfortunately, I am not near their class anymore.

Katsuya sketches

I don’t know how to continue to be good – I keep failing myself in these ways (financially and fitcally) – The soon to be old story of my life. BTW, I think the reason I’ve put on so much weight is cause I got older and my metabolism isn’t as good.   

How can I suck so bad at some things sometimes, be so great at those things other times, and be consistently terrifyingly terrific at other things all the time (which is what it means to be consistent).  

You are the biggest loser! 

But not in a good way!

We hope you hate yourself very much!

Memo from the desk of Sam’s Shitty Credit Score and Fat Fitness Pal

Ten humpback whales sigh! 🙂

At least my arting and writing skills are coming along … for the ride.

Making Progress

Well! Enough about me and my issues. I hope you are not fat and broke! lol!

Dad and my brother are here – gotta go!

Thu Aug 18, 2022

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