Journal Entry – Sat Dec 26

Well, I know I said I would tell you about yesterday today, but I’m tired, so I will give you tidbits over the next few days. I was supposed to drive home but it snowed like crazy yesterday and when I woke up this morning, the roads still weren’t plowed.

I gave Matt an Oculus Quest 2 and André a drone that can take pics and videos. At first, when I walked into Best Buy, I saw 2000$+ drones. WTF! For whatever reason, the starter drones aren’t on display. I got Dee a himalayan salt lamp and a BBQ spice set.

The kids hung out in the backyard and made a snowthing!

The whole day I spent drawing. Ready! 🙂

That orange pile was supposed to be a hedge but I turned it into a dinodragon instead – and there’s a koala in the window again 🙂

It took me like three hours to get the angles mostly right. I may put a koala in every drawing, as my signature! I have to learn to draw them in different poses – I wanted to put him peeking out from behind the tree but it didn’t look right. Technically this drawing isn’t done, I have to add a mailbox.

It’s after midnight – officially my bday. I don’t know what time I was born. Do you? Apparently my uncle signed my birth papers. Dad didn’t come to the hospital, he told me but I can’t remember why!

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