My Obit

Thrice reborn:

2:44 am at Scarborough General on February 19, 1993!
10:00 am at Mount Sinai on July 4, 2003!
11:15 pm at Mount Sinai on March 22, 2006!
 I've admired you your entire life! 
You made me see the world with designer eyes! 
You are the source of all interior upgrades -  from crappy dorm room with a crib to chic family palace!
You better be as proud of yourself as I am of you!
 You taught me patience!
The true meaning and importance of unconditional love!
Remember to look for landmarks, so you don't get lost!
 I hope you always find your way home to unconditional love!
My youngest son! 
Your personality shines through everything you do!
 When you trip out of the blue or bump into something supposedly new ... 
know that I am right there, laughing at you!

I learned every lesson, even when you didn't know you were teaching!
 Thank you for contributing to my growth!

When you think of me:
Love life!
Feel the sun on your face!
Let flowers and
Your latest favourite song 
spring up in your heart! 

Then … 
Stop what you're doing and dance!

I know it’s my birthday but I was inspired to write!


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