Journal Entry – Wed Dec 23

It’s almost Christmas! I hope you finish food and gift shopping. 

Apparently, André feels like he may not have left enough water for Avery. I don’t know how much water pythons drink per week, but I hope I don’t go home to a dead snake 🤮 I will be making two trips, one on Boxing Day then again on Dec 30 when we gotta checkout. I don’t mind going; it will be nice to see my fish!

Oh! Today I woke up to Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. I have to figure out where to fit in my Understanding the Brain course, with my artwork and workwork and homework and writework and restwork and thinkwork. I took a break from the news, I go back and the American president is still doing stupid shit! Silly me for expecting otherwise!

You should watch Formula 1 Drive to Survive on Netflix. When I come back, I’m gonna be a Formula 1 race car driver. Sick! (holy shit!!!) That’s the secret life I wish I had or driving stunt cars in movies.

For the new year, I am seriously considering paying for MasterClass. There is a two for one signup and percentage off. Tom Morello (from Rage Against the Machine among others) teaches Electric Guitar – Dee’s interested. Plus she wants to buy a new guitar. I’m gonna check out their non-free catalogue then decide.

This lesson was fun because I got to draw and color and I learned that outlining with pen isn’t for everything – it depends on the look you’re going for – I used pencil and pastel! I love drawing koalas and I’d like to get to a place where I can draw eyes and that’s all you need to look at to know how that person, or koala, feels.

Feature Photo Credit: @marianna.ok via Twenty20

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