Journal Entry – Mon Dec 21

I always get nervous leading up to the holidays – like something unexpected is going to drop into my work lap and I won’t have enough time to complete it! (Calm down Sam! Your laptop is only a heartbeat away!)

Christmas dinner? Planned and shopped! I skipped Instacart – no offence to Instacart shoppers – I kinda just wanted to get out the house. André came with me, but after an hour, he was dying to go home – Said there were too many people in the grocery store, which made him feel sick. The other stops I made, he stayed in the car.

I decided to drop the sticky toffee pudding because I have to buy too much and I already have that stuff at home – postponed to the new year.

Thu Dec 24:

  • Dinner:
    • Lasagne w/ Garlic Bread and Arugula Spring Mix Salad

Fri Dec 25:

  • Morning:
    • French Toast w/ Sausages and Mixed Berry Compote
  • Afternoon:
    • Fend for Yourself Damnit!
  • Evening:
    • Appetizer:
      • Charcuterie
    • Mains:
      • Oxtail Ravioli 
      • Rotisserie Chicken w/ Blended Garlic mash (sweet and yellow potatoes)
    • Sides:
      • French Beans
      • Greens
    • Sweets:
      • Baklava
      • Tiramisu
    • Digestif: (adults ONLY)
      • Chartreuse (green)
      • Grand Marnier
      • Kahlua

I’m gonna shower and sleep, maybe draw before I go to bed!

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