Journal Entry – Fri Dec 4

I woke up sick and tired at midnight, then 2 am then 6 am – each time with a stuffy nose and sore throat. Today I am trying out Scribble on my iPad. I am writing inside of the WordPress app with my Apple Pencil and its converting it to text. This feels like my traditional process but I can’t figure out how to do spaces yet. And the app is a bit glitchy. Every time after I hit update, I have to restart the app before I can use the pencil again.

Today I learned something about myself, I like to get things right the first time even when learning to draw. which of course is silly. I am using Procreate so I can easily erase but NO! It pains me to do so.

I was supposed to visit Sarah today – An ex-coworker from my current org. She has a Great Dane named Ninja (How appropriate! I could not have given him a better name myself.) Scribble doesn’t handle brackets well. I’m gonna rest up over the weekend and make plans again for next week. I have to see her at least once before leaving.

When I get a turtle I will name him Ninja and he will turn into a mutant when he becomes a teenager.

22 days substance free.

The other day Matt told me that I don’t know how to take care of Black hair.WTF!!! Dude I had Black hair before you were born. Asshole! He’s obsessed with hair and skin care products.

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