Journal Entry – Tue Dec 01

Well, I almost went to bed without talking to you. Sorry! 

The drive to London was uneventful. I was hoping we’d get stuck behind one of those massive snow removal machines that would add six hours to the trip, and everybody would be salty by the time we got to the house. What a way to kickoff the getaway!

Or a tire would blow, and CAA would take forever to come, and while we were looking trying to figure out if we could change the tire ourselves, an 18 wheeler would fly by and wet everyone from head to toe. Then we’d freeze to death on the side of the road. Or we’d get lost and end up in some backwoods fighting off cannibals, and I’d have to sacrifice a limb to aid in our escape.

Alas, none of those things happened; Woe is me! At least the house didn’t disappoint. And who knows, I still have to head home at the end of the month. Anything can happen!  

If I add -ski at the end of your name, don’t be offended; It’s a term of endearment – as in Anneski, Joanski, Adamski, Mahmoudski, Patski, Tomski, Broski.

Do you know why Mother Nature is female? Because the weather is unpredictable. Now I think you can guess why Father Time is male. As we get better at predicting the weather, will Mother Nature’s gender be reassigned? I guess that’s for Mother Nature (Nature X) to decide.  

Shit! I spoke to my doctor yesterday, and I forgot to tell her how I sometimes spell words wrong! Damn it! I am insanely tired but it feels great to be in a different space!

Tomorrow I plan to pick up the keys from my co-worker, head to the office, grab two monitors and a stand for my laptop and work until around 11:00 am when my meeting ends. Then get lunch and head home. I will need to run a few errands in the evening. We need groceries and alcohol (Don’t worry. If I have a drink in December, I promise to tell you – I don’t feel stressed about it).

BTW – Matt is still loud AF! Apparently there’s a noise detector in the house, because the neighbours are anal but I haven’t seen it yet.

Feature Photo Credit: @itgnet via Twenty20

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