Journal Entry – Wed Dec 02

Well, that saying is true – Be careful what you wish for cause you might get it.

I only narrowly escaped the cannibals today – by the skin of my teeth. I mean, who knew there were actual real live living cannibals in London, Ontario. (You don’t see that in Airbnb Adventures – “Run like your life depends on it, Cause it does!”) You should see me right now.

So … What I really wanted to say is that my boss got back to me on the email about not having enough work to do, and now my plate is overflowing – I’m gonna vomit.

Anyway, I am super duper stoked about this – the thought of sitting around and being bored at work bothers me significantly! So now – I am in charge of the Annual OKR Corporate Planning Cycle. Plus, I have to help the team prep for the AGM board meeting around Dec/Jan. AND I am working on simplifying a few templates – because nobody has time to read 16 pages of nonsense. I’m hoping to get the project charter down to one page that can double as a kickoff deck – stripping it down to the bare essentials. And everything else will happen in the beautiful Asana.

I have more to tell you but I’ve gots to go – I’m gonna play Just Dance 2021 with the kiddies. 

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