Journal Entry – Sun Nov 29

I hate when people start sentences with, “To be honest …” Why would you be anything but? And all the times you didn’t say “To be honest …” were you lying? I also don’t like fast talkers, I think they’re dishonest – absolutely no basis in fact for how I feel. I just think I might miss something because they are talking so fast, so I get anxious – I can’t relax around people who talk fast. I also think slow talkers are dumb, again no basis. But like, why are you taking so long to say what you gotta say? Spit it out already!!!! Then I just get impatient and frustrated!

Today feels like the longest Sunday of my life. I’m not sure why. I still have to clean the fish tank and do another round of vacuuming. The boys got two new Kiwi Co. crates – A glowing pendulum and a perpetual mechanical calendar. I told them not to start it until we get to London.

Dee said she thinks neighbours moved in across from us, but I don’t remember hearing them, and neither does she. Yesterday I saw mail in their door slot, and it was there all day. When I woke up this morning, it was gone. And I am sure I saw some maroon coloured droplets on the door sill. Plus, before, the light used to shine through the peephole, and now it’s always dark. I think maybe they might be vampires 😱 Where were they in October? Tomorrow I’ll muster the courage to look through their mailslot. I’ll keep you posted.

We found a solution for the plant watering situation – Well, Dee did the research – We will get water wicks and/or water globes. I don’t understand how water can run down the wick without dripping on the way to the soil.

Do you remember that late-night commercial, “It’s 10:00. Do you know where your children are?”

“Unfortunately I do know where they are. Can you come get them? Please!”

Or the Tostitos one with the guy daydreaming on the train? Out loud he says something like, “Let’s get naked.” and he’s laughing, then he realizes where he is, and everyone’s staring at him. lol.

I’m a big James Bond fan, incase you forgot. Crave has several Bond movies all of a sudden. I wonder if it’s a tribute to Sean Connery – He was my favourite Bond, then came Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig is my all time fave. I’m watching from oldest to newest during my birthday month.

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