Journal Entry – Sat Nov 28

Two more days to London. Or maybe three. Are you supposed to count the travel day? I plan to leave here around noon Tuesday; I already booked a half-day. Wednesday morning, I will go to the office and pick up two monitors, then I’m in business! đŸ™‚ Did I tell you I want to start collecting toys?

There is absolutely no gratification in dusting. Before I finish dusting the last shelf on the TV stand, I can see the dust accumulating again on the first one – and it’s not like I took a 24hr break. It would be wonderful if we could get rid of all dust, since we can’t, I am confident someone is working on creating dustless surfaces. How wonderful would that be! But where would the dust go? To the dust dimension and beyond! 

So … My TV stand has this dustless coating, so do my spice jars and everything everywhere. When tiny particles touch these surfaces, they fall into the dust dimension, never to be seen again. Anything larger than dust specks are safe. We won’t need to vacuum anymore. PG Swiffer product line, and others like it, will die. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Sorry. My imagination got the best of me. Anyway, I’m cleaning ferociously because I decided to leave the place spotless, except for the dust and AndrĂ©’s bedroom. It’s always a hot, stinky house in his room. At least the plants are doing well. Good thing they don’t have noses. When it’s time to come home, I won’t feel stressed. 

Do you know that saying about not going into the New Year with dirty clothes, dishes, etc.? Supposedly if your place is a mess come Jan 1, then your life will be a mess for the entire year. Poor AndrĂ© – that explains everything!   

You should see The Call (2020) on Netflix. I’m gonna watch some horror movies before going to bed. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Cheers! To spending your time doing anything other than dusting! (you can watch ice melt or water freeze if that’s your thing, or you can just sit and wait for the sky to fall instead).

Rubber ducks.

Feature Photo Credit: @shr_cx via Twenty20

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