Journal Entry – Thu Dec 10

During my 1:1, I had feedback for my boss:

“I have some feedback for you. Hold on to your butt!” ( I don’t know what made me say that)

“My butt!? What are you going to do to my butt?”

I start laughing; then I told him he is very good at using analogies to help me understand healthcare-related concepts. Comparing length of stay (LOS) to restaurant bookings. i.e., how long is a patient going to need the bed (there’s science behind the prediction) vs how much longer is that group going to stay at their table) or comparing one of our client’s business models to a mall with multiple stores. i.e., a health care system with various service providers.

I find it’s effortless (sorta) to grasp new concepts when compared to something you’re already familiar with. Analogies Rock!!!

I also asked him if he’s ever let our Chief Architect know how he feels about him? We were in a meeting a few weeks back, and he had great things to say about Andrew; I just wanted to make sure Andrew got that info! It’s important for people to feel valued and understand that you appreciate the unique perspective they bring to the organization and why.

I know how wonderful I feel after receiving feedback (positive and/or constructive.) I’ll be beaming this radiant blinding light for hours and hours. Days sometimes! Who doesn’t want to glow everyday? Nobody!

As a result of sharing that info, I have to look for simple ways for us to give each other feedback. My next special assignment! I’ll work on that tomorrow. Plus, I have to lock down the dates for our 2021 OKR sessions and read about the responsibilities of an OKR Champion (cause that’s me!) I also attended the Betterworks Goal Summit, picked up some OKR tips then joined an IAC-ICC intellectual property presentation.  

That’s all my fabulous news!

I ate many butter cookies and gummy worms this evening (cause it’s hard to find gummy bears in London). Now my stomach hurts and I just wanna die! Why did I have to spoil it after having such a great day! I kinda want to stop taking Prozac, I don’t know if it’s helping me cause I’m still struggling with BPD, my mood and other crap 😦 UGH!!! – Last night I didn’t want to take my pills and I don’t feel like it tonight either!

I’m gonna spend the rest of the night in agony while playing Scrabble, putting together digital jigsaw puzzles and wasting mental energy wishing sugar and dairy products made me healthy and athletic! (sigh!)

I plan to share Lecture 21: Forgiveness and Redemption with you tomorrow. 

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