Journal Entry – Fri Nov 13

OMG!!! It’s Friday the 13th – You should watch Saturday The 14th (1981) tomorrow. 🎶 It’s Fast Food Friday! It’s Fast Food Friday! 🎶 – The day André looks forward to from Saturday to Thursday. 

In thinking about my DNA and the 1500+ distant cousins listed in 23andMe, I thought to myself, if you go back far enough, we’re all related. Isn’t that absolutely beautifully fantastic! Be kind to your family! 🙂

Last night, before going to bed, I swore I hear André yell that he was taking the garbage out. Upon exiting my room this morning … alas, it was just a dream. The trash, like a dog, is still waiting patiently by the door to go outside.

Do you think it’s right to force public figures to apologize for a wrong? When people get caught making racial, phobic or sexist remarks, then issue a sorry statement – are they genuinely sorry? Do they honestly realize or care about the pain they’ve inflicted? Maybe this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I think they are only sorry (for themselves) because they got caught. A public apology doesn’t change how that person feels or thinks. They only learn to be more careful with their remarks.

A few years back, I read in Psychology Today, (or maybe somewhere else) that you shouldn’t force your children to apologize because if they don’t mean it, you are, unknowingly, teaching them how to lie. Instead, teach your child the impact their behaviour may have had on the other person. Realizing that, depending on age, your child may not understand why what they did was wrong in the first place. (I’m pretty sure I got that right, but you could look it up.)

It’s been two years since I said I was going to get my M license. When I do, I’m gonna buy a chopper! I loved watching American Chopper. One time, many summers ago, I was leaving JOEY and saw two magnificent custom-made choppers parked outside the revolving door entrance. I was drooling. Then I fainted. Then I died and went to heaven. (you’ve been speaking to Sam’s ghost all these years. Hello! 🙂 )

Why don’t people ever wanna die and go to hell? It might be nice there. You don’t even know. Bikes were all over the place in Thailand, but I didn’t see a single chopper! How come you don’t see half naked men posing with bikes (or men dressed in bikinis for that matter)?

I leave you with my kickoff the weekend song! Put on whatever makes you wanna dance dance!

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