Journal Entry – Sat Sep 26

That stupid fruit fly trap is garbage. It’s been almost two days and I haven’t caught any – Now, in addition to driving me mad they are mocking me and calling me names. What do you think fruit flies would sound like if they could speak?

Well … DJ survived the night. At one point him and the sucker fish were hanging out together near the filter. Surprisingly Tiger, formerly known as sucker fish, didn’t return to his castle when I turned on the light this morning – sorry for comparing you to a roach. I have never seen him out in the daylight in the smaller tank. He’s been chillin’ on or in the shipwreck for most of the day. When I move around the tank, I can see his eyes following me, he’s probably thinking, “Stop staring at me, it’s impolite. Go do something useful!” So I listened …

I used a cheesecloth to filter the remaining water in the old tank, poured it into the new one, added some more bacteria growth liquid and cleaned out the old tank. I was going to put it away but I think I will use it as a quarantine tank – I read that some people will add new fish to the quarantine tank and leave them in there for about two weeks, then add them to the main tank. I think I will buy another Dojo Loach, they are fun to look at.

I also learned, forgot to tell you yesterday, that DJ might actually be sick – something may be wrong with his swim bladder, which is responsible for his equilibrium – but he has always swam around funny, upside down, sideways. I feel bad cause I didn’t know his behaviour wasn’t normal, I mean that’s how he’s always behaved. I only asked about it when I picked up the tank because he seemed to be getting worse, like he’d be upside down for way longer than usual. At least I know now.

So after I was done setting everything up, I did some reading and they say swim bladder issues are difficult to diagnose or treat and he may also be constipated – I didn’t even know fish can get constipated. I have to watch and see if he goes to the bathroom – I gave him two frozen green beans, that’s supposed to unconstipate him. He only ate one.

They say it is common for beginners to overfeed their fish so now I will just feed them once in the morning and resist the urge to add more food. Plus he has his bottom feeder food in the tank so he shouldn’t be hungry. I wonder if he is overweight – I will look it up.

I was only thinking about myself and my fish but the aquarium is a great addition to the home and now, with this tank, there are so many places for them to hide. It’s fun trying to figure out where they are. I can’t wait to add more fish, but I think I will go to Al’s Aquarium to get my fish in the future.

My daughter thinks fish might be more expensive to maintain than a dog. Do you remember the song 50 Ways to Leave your Lover? I wanna say it is by Paul Simon or maybe Simon and Garfunkel but not sure.

Just slip out the back Jack. Make a new plan Stan. You don’t need to be coy Roy. Just listen to me. Hop on the bus Gus.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

That’s all the lyrics I remember. That might be the chorus – Why is it all men – is it cause a guy is singing? Don’t women need to leave their lovers too? See … if this was a rap song someone would have written a tune for women already! My version …

Just slip him a pill Jill. Get out the ricin Ruth. Do what you gotta do Sue. You should have listened to me…

OMG this sounds more like 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover. – Sam

Those lyrics were inspired by my true crime shows – I’m no killer! I started a new Great Course – Understanding the Dark Side of Human Nature.

So I started watching The Postcard Killer like two or three days ago on Netflix, I had about 20 minutes left but I was so sleepy. Went to finish the movie – No more Netflix 😦 I also started watching Arab Blues on Crave.

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