Filezilla Who

Ok. After talking to Dee yesterday, it looks like I don’t have to make any significant changes. I can have pages with different themes – Thanks Mama Dee!!! Now I just need to plan them correctly, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

And this probably won’t be the last time I change my site. I’m just tired of looking at the same thing in the same way you know – that’s probably why I need to rearrange my bedroom and stuff in the apartment all the time. Restless energy?

It seems I can’t backup my site without moving to a pro plan! Fuckin’ WordPress! When was the last time anyone talked to you about FTP anything? I did an export instead.

I will get myself a hazmat suit, and then I will be ready to pick up litter. Actually, I’ve been thinking, and I think I will be ok once it’s dry out, with no precipitation in the last 48-72 hours. Things look grosser when wet. So that’s my plan. I’m gonna grid the neighbourhood, get rubber boots and gloves and start. That will be my part-time weekend job.

Yo! If anybody has the nerve to litter while I’m picking shit up! Yo! My spear is going straight through their skull!

It’s too late for apologies bitch. The second chance train has departed.


I go reorg my site and/or fuck shit up!

Mon Apr 11, 2022

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