Journal Entry – Sat Sep 19

Why isn’t AXEBOW a word? Instead of shooting arrows, you use the bow to shoot axes ( I can see it working 🙂 ). I should write to the dictionary people. I missed out on 105 points. I wish you could make words on angles in Scrabble, kinda like how different chess pieces can move in different ways. I think the knight can move in an L. I haven’t played chess in ages.

My grade 7 history teacher taught us how to play chess – he just included it as part of the curriculum and he tied it back to wars and military strategy and just strategic thinking in general, anticipating the next couple of moves and all the what ifs – it was cool.

And (hopefully I’m not misremembering) in that same school, same grade, my drama teacher taught us yoga. I think he did it to calm us down. He would either do it before or after our lessons – 10 minutes of yoga. He’d dim the lights, throw in the cassette tape and we would follow the lady’s instructions. I wonder if the drama teacher was also our English teacher – He would always correct us on proper usage of “can” vs “may” and other words but I distinctly remember:

“Sir, can I go to the bathroom?”

“I don’t know. Can you?”

“Sir, may I go to the bathroom?”

Manners were really important to him. One time this guy burped really loud and we all started laughing then the teacher said, “Excuse the pig, the hog is here.” and we just continued laughing.

My throat, left ear and my ankle hurts – I think my body is trying to tell me something with all these random aches, like “let’s throw in the joint pain so she doesn’t think it’s a cold/sinus thing.” I’m not counting the nausea from the Prozac (which kinda doesn’t feel so bad today – maybe the tea is working). I’ve mostly been lying about resting, my head also hurts.

I’ve made up my mind. I am going to fast until Monday. I feel like I can do it. It’s 7:17 pm, so far I haven’t eaten since about 9 pm yesterday. The boys will have to fend for themselves – They are going to have to wait until next weekend, maybe I will do the pizza stuff on Tuesday.

I did season the oxtail – It will chill out in the fridge overnight and I have the broad beans aka lima beans soaking – I don’t know if I can cook and not eat. We’ll see. I didn’t go to Galleria but my daughter went out. Before she left I told her to check and see if they have pressure cookers, the current one is too small.

Then her gf said I should get an Instant Pot – I’d heard about it but I never looked into it, and since I was also thinking about a new rice cooker and getting a sous vide this is perfect. I’m really excited. I got the 8 quart 9-in-1 version. There’s an app for it – I’m so excited – I will unbox tomorrow. It’s my birthday and Christmas in September OMG 🎉🎉🎉🎁🎊🎇🎆 – I plan to go online shopping for all the cool add ons.

To combat my aches, I made a concoction of ginger, garlic, cloves and turmeric root. Sliced everything up and threw it in a pot and boiled then simmered for 15 minutes. Added some fresh lemon juice/zest before drinking. I will have that along with my cumin, fennel and coriander tea over the next three days.

I was supposed to make bone broth and I kept putting it off, it would be nice to have that to drink too. A few weeks back, I bought organic chicken feet (they look creepy) and these really big beef and marrow bones. I read that chicken feet have the most collagen – my grandmother would put them in soup.

Why is Matt sooooooo loud when he plays video games – he needs his own apartment. I owe him a gaming chair.

I dreamt about creatures that looked like flowers – I remember being in a field and I saw mice, and dogs, and people too, but they were all made out of flowers – maybe I was hallucinating in my dream. Sometime I wake up and I’m not sure if I’m actually awake, it’s a very strange feeling.

Ok so back to axebows, I saw a movie where this guy was hunting young girls using an ancient weapon called an Atlatl – The Silencing (2020) You should watch it – it was slow but had some really great tense, edge-of-seat moments.

If you suddenly get the urge to watch a movie about a possessed, revenge seeking piñata, there’s Killer Piñata (2017 – I feel like there can only be one possessed piñata movie out there, but just incase, I’ve included the year)

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