Jun 15 – Journal Entry

I woke up feeling better this morning. André had his second psych appointment – right in the middle of my weekly exec meeting, but my boss was cool. I was running in and out. 

I wrote to my local BLM chapter to see what else I could do aside from donating and protesting. Maybe that’s what was bothering me yesterday – although I don’t think it contributed to my headache. Life is good again. All is well in my inner world (I need to get out more – lol.) Cloud surfing is better than cloud floating.

Played Jackbox Games with kids. – Drawful 2 and all the games in Jackbox Party Pack 6. We loved Trivia Murder Party 2, Push the Button and Role Models – a strangely accurate personality game. My daughter and I were tied initially for Creative Oddball, she won. Still, I think that describes me mostly to a T. We played for about two hours. 

Then I was looking for a horror movie to watch, settled on Even Lambs Have Teeth on Prime. It’s not scary. But there’s a super cool vintage stove in the basement where the girls are torturing their traffickers – revenge movies rock – another favourite genre of mine. Have you seen the original I Spit on Your Grave?

Vintage Stove – Photo Credit: @sohappy2bf via Twenty20

I started watching Strangers from Hell, a Netflix series. There is something else I wanted to tell you, but I can’t remember now.

Cake please! Everything’s better with kimchi – except for cake, maybe. 

I feel that if you can make kimchi pancakes, then cakes with kimchi in it (not a side dish), cannot be too far away. Or maybe a kimchi tart instead.

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