Jul 18 – Journal Entry

By about 2:30 pm, I had the place all to myself. The kiddies went to their BBQ picnic. I helped a little with prep, slicing zucchini, red and green peppers for grilling and packing required items. My daughter put together the burger patties.

What did I do after they left? Strength training, series/movie watching (at the same time), then some dancing.

First, I watched a bunch more of Terror episodes. Then I spent (I wish “spended” was a word) an hour trying to figure out what to watch next. Settled on the classics – Clue (1985), Big Trouble in Little China (1986), and finally jumped a decade to Eraser (1996) – I can’t believe people didn’t like this movie.

Then I thought about dumb shit, and laughed. Like going to Starbucks and getting asked, “Would you like a side of COVID with your coffee?” (I believe some people would say yes cause they wanna try it. Kinda like how you would experiment with drugs.) If you say yes, they send you to a room in the back (I don’t know what happens in the room. I said no.)

Disclaimer: Although exposure to COVID is guaranteed, Starbucks and its affiliates cannot guarantee you will become symptomatic. If you did not catch the VID you’re welcome to try again, with the purchase of one menu item over 5$. COVID exposure is available for a limited time only. #catchthevid

What about Dancing with the COVID Stars – Celebrities currently with COVID try to complete a dance routine. No one died, but some did collapse. BTW the judges also have COVID – they could barely hold up their cards. The audience was all virtual. My dad told me how hard it was for him to breathe and how it just “zapped his energy.” – It would be hella funny (my kinda funny) to watch – more entertaining than the regular show.

Then I felt like dancing – wuking up to soca will burn some serious calories (No spell check! It is “wuk,” not “work” or “walk.” Shows what you know!)Plus it was hot as shit, I had to shower after. I danced for like an hour – imagining I was in a club the whole time. (Note to self: Get louder speakers).

I’m guessing no Caribana this year – no parade, no clubs 😦

Live Free or Die Hard (of COVID) – My 2021 movie addition to the Die Hard franchise

Feature Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

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