Apr 23 – Journal Entry

I had a serious sugar craving. By four-ish, I decided to give in. Pulled up Doordash, tried ordering Italian Donuts from Joey’s, then I saw … Heaven. Alcohol on the menu. I think I knew it was there, but forgot, cause my boss said companies are selling their stock. So I go in for:

  • Italian donuts @ 9$ and end up with
  • A six-pack of Sapporo @ 20$
  • Le Fou Rosé 750ml @ 22$ and
  • Appleton Signature Rum 1140ml @ 86$

I get to my cart and it’s like 170$ (Doesn’t include Dasher tip) – Should I? Shouldn’t I?

I should! Then all Hell broke loose – I hit “Checkout” The app crashed!!! So I tried a few more times. Restart app, restart phone, reinstall app. Nothing! I finally jumped on Twitter, and contacted support, sent screenshot and everything! He couldn’t help me, then he had the nerve to ask me if there was anything he could help me with. “Nope!” I was thinking:

You ass, what about my alcohol! Your app is shit! Fix it! Does thinking bad thoughts count. I have a lot of bat shit crazy shit swirling about in my head – earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides. One day, a “destroyer of the universe” size Tsunami will come out of my mouth.

Wet them up like a tsunami! (That’s from Empire Army by Vybz Kartel)

So this is a migraine officially (probably cause I have a budding Tsunami in my head). I Tried to find Excedrin – but can’t find anywhere. I don’t think they sell it anymore. Or, I have to go to one of those seedy pharmacies to get it – the kind that sells only meds, and hospital type stuff like bed pans. If you find chips and drinks you’re lucky. You know – an actual pharmacy. Not a grocery store with a pharmacy in it.

I had to take frequent breaks today, like I had bladder problems – I don’t. Just had to rest my eyes from the screens and light in general.

I’m really proud of the poem I wrote today. I don’t normally share things I write with family, but I shared that.

Oh! I forgot to tell you – I have a facinating new project at work. My boss trusted me to lead an org (re)structuring initiative. At first, I was like:

  • “YES!!!” (like when Kip was at the bowling alley in Napoleon Dynamite) Then I was like
  • “Wait!!! What!?”

Then I remembered I have the support of the team, my boss and the board. Exhale! You got this! I came up with a plan, I have some reading to do but It’s all good.

Heck Yeah!

Vote for Sam!

Feature Photo Credit: @lexlux via Twenty20

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