Jul 2 – Journal Entry

Sometimes people annoy me, and I say that with love because there is usually some misunderstanding at the core of the interaction. A few weeks ago a client told us they would have the Amazon instance ready for review on Jun 22 – so now it’s July 2 and we have our check-in with their IT team. 

Before the client joins – I tell the account manager to get an update on how they are coming along with standing up the environment. (Client doesn’t speak English)Then my team is like, ” Oh, they can’t know how much time it is going to take.” In my head, I’m like WTH, how can they not know.

Then we ended up in a convo something like …

“We have a box and we have to put things inside the box but we don’t know how long it’s going to take because we haven’t seen the box.”

“Ok well, when are you going to get to see inside the box?”

“We don’t know. because how they build in AWS is different from how we build in AWS.” (In my head, I’m like WTH, how can you not know.)

“Ok, wait! What am I not understanding here?” (They already gave us a date. Obviously, they ran into some trouble, maybe resource constraints or else they would have been done – or perhaps they underestimated, but somebody should know.)

Now they are looking at me like I’m crazy, but I continue …

“Let’s say you are building a house. You already got the frame and foundation laid out. Now the electricians and plumbers need to do their thing. You can’t tell me how long it is going to take for them to finish? Or … if it is not ready for the electrician, how much more time do you need to finish framing?” (Jesus!)

“They didn’t even start to dig yet, and they don’t know what issues they might run into once they start digging.”

“Ok, thanks.” 

I decided to end it there. I understand completely that we may encounter issues along the way, but if you need to dig a hole that’s x by x by x and you are using a backhoe vs guys with shovels – you should still be able to tell me how long it is going to take +/- x # of days or weeks. 

And I get it, halfway into digging you hit a septic tank – oh shit (lol) now we need to recalculate. I can accept all of that – but to just say “I don’t know.” That’s lazy, and lazy pisses me off. BUT if you really don’t know then tell me something like …

“Sam. I don’t know but give me a couple of days to do some research and get back to you.” I can work with that.

Hulk Smash the shit out of a muthafucka!!! (Disclaimer: Motherfucker, or it’s many variations, is not a swear word.) lol.

Exhale … Thanks for listening.

I had to remind the boys that olive oil is not used for frying.

🎵There are times when you need someone. I will be by your side 🎵 … Lyrics from Bobby Caldwell’s Darling Open Your Eyes.  Common sampled that song on The Light. Some hip-hop music knowledge for you 🙂

It’s so hot, I can’t sleep good. So I stay awake and dream. Probably about crazy shit like serial killer cakes. 

Technically cakes can kill. It’s just not gory. On every true-crime show, in hindsight, folks are like, “He looked so harmless.” “He’d help me bring my groceries into the house.” or “That’s not the face of a monster.” (coochy coo) or “I saw a picture of his kids on the dash, so I thought it was ok to get in the car.”

The next time you meet a disarming charmer – he might be a serial killer. And if he’s not a serial killer, then he’s probably a con man – so please don’t say yes if your partner proposes within a few weeks of dating. AND don’t hand over access to your finances. AND don’t let them babysit your children (especially the very young ones.) AND don’t lose sight of your hopes and dreams. AND don’t make decisions when you are giddy.

Sometimes I think about how excited I get with new relationships and I’ve done some stupid shit. I think the secret is recognizing the infatuation phase and listening to your friends and family because they will see things you won’t. You can definitely still enjoy the new, just don’t make any long term decisions while you are there, maybe not for the first year! And if it is a long-distance relationship then double that time because distance relationships remain newer longer.

My new books: Sam’s Dating Advice for Avoiding Serial Killers, Rapist and Con Artist! and Stop! You Really Don’t NEED That Relationship and Miserable and Alone is Better Than Dead or Dead Broke (Cause then You’ll Really Be Miserable)

Speaking of finances, I have to review my spending for June.

Written: July 3 2020 @ 5:30 pm

Feature Photo Credit: Rúben Gál from Pixabay

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