Jun 12 – Journal Entry

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ..." 
"Just got paid. Friday night. Party huntin'. Feelin' right ..."
"Pump up the jam pump it up ..."

Those songs are old but they are in my head. I would like to go to a party right now. Instead I am Watching Scare Package, an anthology via The Last Drive-In on Shudder TV. I count nine films in this collection. I’m including the top-level story and another story that becomes part of the top-level story. I think I missed two. (usually, there are 4-5 films in an anthology.) I absolutely LOVE Anthology horror – best genre ever.

I’m sad cause I tuned in late, and because it’s on Shudder TV, I can’t rewind. Very sad indeed. M.I.S.T.E.R (Men in Serious Turmoil … I can’t remember the rest). It’s about men, who are part of a self-help group – All trying to get their masculinity back, with a weird twist ending. The Night He Came Back Again Part 4 – The final Kill – Like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. Just when you think you killed him, he comes back. The story that surrounds an anthology is called the framing or top-level movie.  

I would prefer never to be drenched in my own blood, or anybody else’s for that matter. Did I already tell you I love anthologies?

Matt thinks he has COVID again – for like the tenth time since this all started. He keeps bugging me to check his temperature. I was out today and caught 11 Pokemon – Now my avatar can wear Uniqlo tees.

“Postmodern just means confusing as fuck.” – Joe Bob The Last Drive-In S2 Live Episode 8. I finally decided on my disco lights – which turns out to be a light bulb – but I think it will be cool-er. Closing out the night with Hogzilla – staring Joe Bob Briggs. Giant pigs running around killing people. Sound like Boar – saw that a few weeks ago. (Joe Bob hates his own movie – his face is filled with anguish.)

あやすみなさい – O ya su mi na sa i (Good night 🙂 )

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