Symbolic Ambiguity

Please don't tread on me
Proceed carefully!

Swastika Buddhist or anti-semist
Do Untwist!

Past pain. Future hurt
Love's Rebirth!

Anti-racist revolutionary
Yes! Absolutely!

Moving Day

Breakable - that box
Overloaded with clocks
Some fast, some slow
On their way to Fargo


Relational fragility
Marital instability
Love language incompatibility
But what's it all for
Remember we swore

Can we choose to relove
Previously enjoyable quirks

Can we choose to forgive
The subtle (unintended) slights
Before they lead to enormous fights

Can we choose to recall
Our loving past. Pay it back fast
Interpersonal enthusiasts

Can we choose to give
The benefit of the doubt
Before things go south

And when it's all said and done
If you must (let) go - End at the start
Be a sweetheart


Pandemic bonds in your portfolio. No? 
Buy as much as you can
Give poor countries a hand

Payout supplied
After many have died

"Experts" convey
We don't need them anyway
The bonds - that is to say

On Symbolic Ambiguity: Recognizing there are vast amounts of emotions, history and politics wrapped up in phrases and symbols. This poem isn’t meant to offend – hoping you recognize it’s positivity. I believe in creativity (using words you won’t find in the dictionary), and I value responsible free speech. 


Feature Photo Credit: @paolo_cristaldi via Twenty20

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