May 21 – Journal Entry

I am not too fond of the saying, “he’d give you the shirt off his back.” (or she – well maybe they don’t say she, cause then you’d have a woman walking around in her bra, or not.) Anyway, why would I want to give you the shirt off my back (literally or figuratively)? And if I don’t want to give you the last of what I have or do anything to help you, that doesn’t mean I’m a “bad” person. It means I’m not foolish. AND why would you want to take the last of what I own or leave me without a shirt? Maybe you’re the bad guy!

Whenever I watch a true crime show, and someone takes a friend or stranger or family they hardly know into their home, it NEVER ends well for the homeowner – like ever. There’s a West Indian saying, “come see me and come live with me are two different things.” 

Another saying is that “if you’re a married woman, you should never invite another woman into your home.” Why? Because she’ll probably end up sleeping with your man. This adage applies to a friend of a friend, your best friend, even your sister. It don’t matter who (that could apply to a male friend too I guess, if your man is on the DL, but if he is you wouldn’t know.) 

Bottomline! Don’t invite anybody into your home and don’t give anybody the shirt off your back – I don’t care who it is. I’m just looking out for you. There are other ways to be generous and kind.    

I have a strong dislike for women who make false claims about domestic abuse – How could you? I’ll dish out some domestic abuse on your lying ass! Ugh! Ok. I’m done.

I have writer’s block – I am behind on two prompts now – Flowers and Name. Sue always posts the Jibber Jabber prompts early, so technically, I am three prompts behind. (I don’t get how I have writer’s block for prompts and I have lots to say in my journal.)

I watched The Battery – it’s a zombie movie with a kick-ass soundtrack. I love zombie movies, more than vampire or werewolf movies. Except Underworld – If Underworld had zombies, I’d be thrilled. Vampires, werewolves and zombies, oh my – the trifecta.

Did you know that the US government, the DOD I think, and the CDC have a zombie response – CONPLAN 8888-11. (Don’t ask me how I remembered that – I’m pretty sure it’s right too.) The CDC has a zombie preparedness section and a Zombie Pandemic graphic novel. When I use to work late nights with the dev team at my old job, we would talk about surviving a zombie apocalypse – the type of zombie, what weapons we’d use, how we’d store and find food, etc.

I have the day off tomorrow; after I have a one-hour meeting with the account manager in France.

So I’m making home fries for lunch – I boiled a few potatoes whole. Waited for them to cool, then I sliced them and fried them. André comes in the kitchen, and he’s like, “mom, I thought you said you were making fries.”

“I am.”

“Those aren’t fries. Those are chips.”

“Shut-up and get out the kitchen.”

Feature Photo Credit: @porstocker via Twenty20


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