Walk it Off

It is insanely hot in my apartment – Memories of summer. I’m tempted to turn on the AC. But it is also wonderfully foggy out.

And the cheesy Hallmark holiday movie season has begun! Boo!!!!

Earlier this week, I was lying in bed, back touching the mattress, reading Kafka and something happened to make my phone fall on my face. Right on my right cheekbone – that shit hurt! The iPhone 12 Pro Max punches like a heavyweight champion.

Often I read in bed like that – there’s a first time for getting assaulted by your phone.

Hello children! Like, hot! The haters can’t fuck with it.
Cause they mom and they sister and girl in love with it (and they niggas)
… I am a fighter and a lover, I’m the freaky baby daddy, I’m a bad motherfucker.
I’m the earth, wind, fire, and the thunder … Observe the terms that we trade with one another.
Like, what’s good, what’s popping, what’s cracking. What it is, how you living, what’s happening.
Work songs that the slaves sang back then. The playground chants, with little girls clapping.
Blackjack Johnson NYC, R-O-C-K-I-N-G. sun/son and the moon, earth, stars, and planets.
Before the song done y’all goin’ all understand it.
Gimme the space! Back up, gimme the space! Let a nigga rock!

Ghetto Rock – Mos Def

WordPress has these things called Stories, but I only see them when using the mobile app.

Matt called me a dictator. Guess why! Cause I want him to clean up after himself. The joy of parenting my ass! … and with that said … it’s time for episode three of …


Born 1925 (or 1928) in a small village to a large family, second to last of nine children. They owned huge amounts of land for farming – making them pretty well off compared to most others at the time. He obtained his schooling in France; at some point studying radio technology (boring). By the time he returned home in the 1950s his country was in the middle of a revolt. After the revolution he taught French literature, history, and geography at a private school for approximately eight years while dabbling in politics (evening side gig). Then he got into politics full time and it all went to hell (in a manner of speaking)!

Various websites

eMail responses to tyrant@gameshows.com by 11:59 pm, Wednesday, Dec 27, 2022, (that’s my bday – I’m gonna be 49). The first three folks with correct responses will win some sweet swag:

  • Up to four pieces of civil war memorabilia
    • NOTE: I can’t tell you which war of course but it will be better than nazi memorabilia – trust me.
  • A full peasant uniform, shoes included – perfect for casual work days and important life events (births, deaths, marriages, promotion parties, etc.)
  • A model/game kit with:
    • approximately 100-200 mini-dolls
    • tools (four shovels, plus two cute little backhoes)
    • A wooden container and dirt. Then… the best part!
    • have fun digging a mass grave and throwing or shovelling the dolls inside – play with friends or alone.

Do you think there are any animals with antisocial personality disorder?

Fri Nov 11, 2022

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