May 20 – Journal Entry

I read a fabulous post yesterday that I totally forgot to mention. And for a minute, I could not find it (story of my life). Persistence pays. Check it out – Moana. I have never seen Moana, I don’t watch Disney movies, but because of this post, Moana is on my list. 

I think my superpowers are my:

  • Sensitivity (I would not have said that a few years ago)
  • Compassion and empathy (those just go together for me)
  • Fascination with ideas
  • Take-charge-ability
  • Strategic thinking
  • Love of learning
  • Introspection and reflection

I played Would You Rather for about 10 minutes with the boys. I spoke to my brother today – He is making masks in a correctional facility at forty-something cents per hour. Free labour – I wonder what else they produce in prison.

André cooked sticky rice with hot dogs, and Matt made the coleslaw. I gave him the coleslaw dressing recipe that I usually use. When I spoke to my brother, he said he had hot dogs today too, but with tater tots. Do you remember the tater tot scene in Napoleon Dynamite?

I miss my brother.

I can’t figure out what to write for my Jibber Jabber word prompt (the word is flower). I love flowers, I figured the words would just pour out of me. Not yet! At least work was productive, even if my creative writing isn’t. During the exec meeting earlier this week, I told the guys that I am am going to be revamping project/portfolio reporting in the next two to three weeks. I ended up doing it today – it took me about three hours. I am happy with the results for now. 

Now that project reports will come out of Asana, I wanted to change the reporting structure in Confluence – I will continue to use Confluence for high-level portfolio health reports, and weekly project-level reports will come out of Asana.

I was worried I might be an alcoholic, so I hit Google up to find out. Based on two quizzes, it turns out I’m ok …

I’ll drink to that 🍸🍹🍺🥃

Feature Photo Credit: @get_your_guzz_on via Twenty20

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