Smooth – Jibber Jabber Prompt

I love music. And I especially love how music is intricately tied to memory, how you can relive a moment with a song. I saw the word “smooth” and I thought of four songs in quick succession. Listed here in the order they came to mind.

You Go Down Smooth by Lake Street Drive – I only recently discovered this band but I love every song they have. There’s also a live version

Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson – Of course. I love the dance moves as much as I love the song, and luckily I found the HD version of the video. An MJ video was an event at my house because they were short films – ever since I can remember, we’d gather and watch whenever a new video came out. Provided here is the short version. Long version.

And the Smooth Criminal cover by Alien Ant Farm, which I love just as much as the original. They even do the sick lean. This video is a full tribute to MJ, in my opinion. The light-up sidewalk from Billie Jean, the chimp, and the kid with the mask, among others. FYI: MJ use to walk about with a mask. How appropriate now.

Finally, Smooth by Santana ft. Rob Thomas. I remember this song came out in the summer. My sister and I couldn’t get enough of it . We love(d) dancing to this song too. But my all time favourite Santana song is Black Magic Woman.

Honourable mention to Sade’s Smooth Operator. I didn’t think of this one immediately, but I love Sade. When my daughter was little, I had Sade’s Love Deluxe album on repeat for like a year maybe longer πŸ™‚ My favourite songs were, No Ordinary Love (which is a smooth song), and Cherish the Day.

Feature Photo Credit: @kelsen28 via Twenty20


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