No Free Lunch For You

Tonight I will try white noise + earplugs for sleeping. 

I made it to work at 6:30 am-ish. And I sat in the dark for like an hour. The stupid lights would not come on; I ran and jumped, wondering, “Why aren’t you sensing me!?” Because the last time I was in, the lights came on by themselves.

Around 7:40 am, a neighbour who occupies the office across from us also complained, saying the lights should turn on – then he went to the front and flipped a bunch of switches, and it worked. BUT a bit later, Bossman called me and said, “Remember I told you the lights are on a timer and you have to get security to turn them on?”  


“You don’t remember me telling you I was there late one night when the lights turned off on me, and I had to find the security guard?”


That entire conversation slipped my mind. Anyhow, I now have the number for security; when I get there early, I know who to call. Then, worse than trying to work in the dark for an hour, Bossman didn’t buy us lunch! Devastating! And since I am on a budget, I only had access to 30$. 

Precisely what my boss didn’t want to happen is happening. He spoiled us, and now we expect a free lunch every week. UGH – we will have to unspoil ourselves. I was craving french fries from a specific pub, so Jer and I went there, sat in my favourite spot and lunched. Delightful!


Wed Apr 06, 2022

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