Apr 29 – Journal Entry

OMG – this morning, I whipped out the journals from my teens, early 20s and did some scanning. Scandalous! It made me blush to read it. It’s not like paper porn or anything. I just can’t believe I recorded so much and went into the details that I did. 

Now I am wondering what to do. To post or not to post. But you know, that was me, the past me mostly, but me nonetheless. I have to come to terms with my old self. I also found letters from an ex or two. Valentine cards, photos. Lots to explore. 

I started blogging to practice writing, the creative side, and to help me figure out and process my feelings. AND to write down all the stuff that swirls about in my head. I also liked the idea of moving away from notebooks because I could easily incorporate digital content. So … I am going to post my old stuff I just have to get comfortable with the idea. Right now I feel … not comfortable. 😀

I know I said I was all busy and shit – that dating was just whatever cause I’m entirely focused on work and writing. Well that was yesterday! Today I met a few guys – One stood out – One always does and BONUS !!! He’s six feet. I’m so excitable. (is that word right.) Anyway, it’s only been one day, I have no idea where anything is going – BUT I THINK THAT IS THE BEST PART FOR ME!!! (I wasn’t actually yelling just felt like typing in caps).

Got my core product offering diagram down – first draft ready for review with the boss tomorrow. And the project that required some extra loving is coming together. 

I even had time to watch a short film. El Gigante – about a Luchador cannibal that kidnaps people trying to cross into the United States from Mexico. He fights them, then eats them with his family. Mmmmmm Undocumented. LOL. 

And I also had time to read a short manga The Numbers. I can’t find any more chapters 😦 There has to be more because of how it ended. I keep looking.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Say goodnight to the bad guy – My Al Pacino movie quote combo.

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