Apr 4 – Journal Entry

Today I had my first virtual date. I choose to go all out, treating it like a proper date. Got my clothes out, accessories and wardrobe meltdown included. Did my hair, applied the lipgloss. Sat at my desk and did a camera test: Face. CheckHair. Check.Clothing placement. Check.Right amount of cleavage (joking)Nothing weird in the... Continue Reading →

Apr 3 – Journal Entry

I am perturbed and a bit annoyed with myself. Yesterday offered opportunities for self-discovery, which I intend to capitalize on, but I didn't in those moments. I realized I don't always speak up in defence of myself, saying what's on my mind, as I'd like to think I do. I will spend time trying to... Continue Reading →

Apr 2 – Journal Entry

Starting my journal early. Hoping to get to bed on time. Last night I was still awake at 2:30 am; mind all over the place, so I decided to surf and came upon a pen with a camera in it. Cool! Spy gear. I love Bond movies. When I was young, I wanted to be... Continue Reading →

Apr 1 – Journal Entry

It's way past my bedtime, but I MUST write. Over Skype, I reminisced with my co-workers on the April Fool's prank they played on me last year. We remember some of the details differently, but I caught the gist, so I don't plan to change the post. Authenticity is essential, but what if your memories... Continue Reading →

Mar 29 – Journal Entry

Started cooking at like 7 am. Lunch/dinner was ready before noon. I made Oxtail w/ rice and coleslaw. The boys were like, " Mom! Can we have more?" They will eat everything; think locusts. If I don't stop them (or hide it), it's gone so fast I find myself wondering if it was actually there.... Continue Reading →

Mar 28 – Journal Entry

Moet is gross. Extremely displeasing to my palate. It was like being on a date with a guy that has horrible breath, bad teeth AND body odour. (Who wouldn't stop smiling; or talking). Just awful - An experience you cannot forget but definitely don't want to repeat. I'm slightly upset too because of all the... Continue Reading →

Mar 27 – Journal Entry

Today my longtime girlfriend sent me an image of my journal from 1990. I have to meet with her and get a copy. I took a half day off wotk today. I feel/am fortunate that I can work from home, maintain my income; not have to apply for employment insurance. COVID-19 hasn't affected my income... Continue Reading →

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